Grounds Improvement at Building 867 Wellness Center, NAS Jacksonville, FL

Based on the client's concept drawings, U-SMC provided design and installation of improved landscaping and sod; new stamped concrete sidewalks and patio areas; and a "rain garden."

The existing grounds at Building 867 had not been well-maintained, as evidenced by patchy grass, dying plants, and overgrown trees; the project objective was to provide an aesthetically pleasing and well-maintained landscape design and installation. U-SMC began by pruning the 8 palm trees which were to remain, and removing the weeds, grass, and grading within the work limits. After repair and extension of the existing irrigation system; U-SMC re-graded areas of the front lawn in order to correct drainage issues; and installed a patio area and curving sidewalk featuring stamped, colored concrete. U-SMC planted a variety of flowers and ornamental grasses in areas between the new sidewalk and the building wall, as well as in other designated areas, placing mulch where appropriate. New sod was placed in the areas which were not paved or otherwise planted.

The project was also featured in the September edition of the Jax Air News