Recent and Featured Projects

Interior Modifications, Repairs, and Exterior Work

U-SMC performed various construction which included selective demolition of an existing roll-up door and frame; U-SMC installed a 50 SF CMU internal wall with external brick veneer matching same structural and aesthetic design as existing. Construction included original architectural items, such as expansion joints, rebar reinforcement and mortar filled blocks, insulation and moisture barrier, windows and doors. Painted and finished interior and exterior surface to provide a seamless transition from original to new construction.

Drywall installed over the new framing, and the entire ceiling which was prepped, primed, and painted with premium latex based primer, and matched existing color and finish and blended with existing. Installed interior door and frame and finished to match existing interior doors. Installed epoxy flooring system which was an orange peel/nonslip finish. Performed electrical upgrades which included all boxes/conduit painted to match existing walls; installed Run #6 AWG green insulated copper wire for Static Ground Path; electrical circuits separate from the current and new electrical system for the installed HVAC system.

Relocated and upgraded the existing plumbing system to support the installation of the new independent HVAC/dehumidification minimum 20,000 BTU unit. Performed asbestos survey prior to removal/disposal of all carpeting; cleaned and disinfected area prior to installation. Installed new carpeting base cove and threshold. Repaired wall finishes to original condition. Performed exterior landscaping work. Formed and placed 22 SY of 4" sidewalk to cross ditch, 16 LF of 18" RCP and 2 each-18" head walls; installed 69 SY of Pavers with curb-included 5" concrete base under pavers, curb on edges to hold in pavers; either side of walk, installed Monkey Grass ground cover every 8", pine bark mulch; 4" Steel Edging. Sodded all other disturbed areas, watering until established. Performed pothole repair on corner of entrance driveway and installed two 2ftx2ft, 26 LF of 12" RCP, 2 each 12" headwalls to drain parking area. U-SMC maintained a flexible schedule that ensured that occupant’s activities were not impacted.