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Construct 3500 Square Foot Building

U-SMC constructed a 3500 SF (40’-0” x 80’-0) one-story, pre-engineering metal building with clear span, to resist code-required dead, live, wind and seismic loads and classified as a Type II-B construction, non-sprinklered and unprotected as defined by IBC 2012. The facility was designed as a non-separated mixed-use, with A-3 and S-1 occupancies. The rigid frames of the metal building provided stability in the transverse direction with portal frame bracing providing stability in the longitudinal direction. Non-tapered columns were used to accommodate stainless steel liner panel and FRT plywood installation.

Used factory prime on all steel and field painted exposed steel, with red finish color. Installed a factory pre-finished standing seam metal with seam spacing at 16” o.c. max. and roof slope: 3-1/2:12, provided by the PEB manufacturer that complied with UL 580 for wind-uplift resistance and ±119 mph wind speed loading. Painted exposed structure and insulated the underside of the standing seam roof. Installed R-30 “simple saver” fiberglass batt insulation with white Class A fabric liner at underside of metal roof panels from ridge to eave. Installed exterior walls/ fascia with ribbed metal wall panels, 1-1/4”-26 ga. vertical, supported on steel girts provided by PEB manufacturer panels with factory pre-finished, color. Provided continuous sealant between wall panel and slab at base. Installed R-19 PSK faced fiberglass batt insulation between girts from slab to roof deck.

For the interior side of perimeter walls, U-SMC installed stainless steel metal liner panel on interior face of girt from slab to 4’-0” AFF, or at stud “infill” partition wall when noted. Liner panels were supported at infill locations by cold-rolled steel studs, 350S200-54 at 24” o.c. (or as required for span per manufacturer standard panel width). Installed manufacturer standard stainless-steel edge and corner trim. Installed painted FRT plywood from 4’-0” AFF to underside of eave. Applied sealant between SS liner panels and FRT plywood and between plywood and roof structure. Exterior walls were installed with 24 ga. 304 #4 stainless steel metal liner panel to 4’-0” AFF, provided by PEB manufacturer. Painted FRT plywood above to underside of roof system.

Installed backer rod and sealant between dissimilar materials. Installed insulated steel exterior personnel doors and 16 ga. thermally broken steel frame (U-value 0.29). Doors and frames were factory primed and field finished in the approved color. Installed prefinished aluminum mechanical louvers and vents, color matched to metal fascia color. Field painted all exposed miscellaneous metal surfaces, including bollards and steel doors/frames. Field painted mechanical, plumbing and electrical piping and equipment mounted to the exterior walls. Constructed a turndown slab on grade with turndown edge 2 feet wide by 1 foot 4 inches deep with a 4” concrete slab-on-grade forming the floor of the building. Sloped the concrete slab between bleachers and instructor area to trench drain. Sloped to terminate at storage room demising wall. Poured a 4” high concrete curb around building perimeter except at door openings. Adjusted curb width behind bleachers and instructor area (stud infill locations) flushed with interior face of studs.

The design also encompassed: install of a high efficiency DX 15ton packaged outdoor air unit with heat pump (7.9 EER initially), mechanical/plumbing, epoxy floors, lights with sensors, fans, personnel doors, electrical, communication/data, and fire protection/fire alarm systems. In addition, the plumbing system consisted of a new emergency eyewash/shower station within 10 seconds of the battery charging station.