Facility Repair and Maintenance

Services designed to improve the condition, performance, and safety of facilities, equipment, and property.

Many clients rely on U-SMC’s top-notch services to provide quality, reliable facility maintenance. Our offerings include exterior and interior service such as painting, carpentry, flooring, HVAC, electrical, plumbing, lighting, and roofing. We have the technical skills, management processes, and experienced staffing in place to meet our client's needs and we bring a commitment to customer satisfaction which has afforded us significant repeat business.

How We Do It

The construction industry is required to be constantly alert and adapt to change. Globalization, changing market conditions and client requirements, together with an era of opportunities created by the development of new technologies fuel a pressure to think outside the box. Value delivery and client satisfaction are our primary objectives. The innovation process in the construction industry is an important source of competitive advantage and value delivery that U-SMC feeds on and goes all‐out to distinguish itself from the competition by providing extensive DOD‐focused experience, management capability, safety and expertise, combined with the agility of a small business. To be that contractor who thinks outside the box, as a small business, our management plan encompasses a combination of general and project-specific goals. Because of the large number of construction contracts our team has worked on over the past years, we have extensive experience in coordinating the work of multiple subcontractors and workload surge requirements. We feel our success has been a product of the management approaches our company employs for each project it undertakes.

Buildings that aren’t appropriately maintained
and repaired can quickly become unsafe
and bogged down with costly fixes.

The cornerstone to successful integration of multiple on-going maintenance projects is effective scheduling. Effective scheduling can have a project running like clockwork, no matter how many subcontractors or task orders are involved. However, ineffective scheduling can result in work stoppages, poor quality, confusion, and ultimately, project failure. Each of the construction contracts U-SMC has been involved in has required coordinating the work of multiple subcontractors, and many of those contracts also involved the coordination of multiple maintenance and renovation projects at the same time. Our systems and procedures at U-SMC have been specifically built to respond to contracts of this nature and allow us to excel.

We have the technical skills, management processes and staffing approach in place to meet the needs of any client and we bring a commitment to customer satisfaction. Our superior past performance record of proven success is evidence that clearly and convincingly demonstrates our ability to manage and construct multiple facility maintenance and repair projects. U-SMC has established an excellent reputation among its clients both public and private, including many Federal contracting agencies. This has allowed us to continue augmenting and building upon our reputation and skill set for larger, more complex projects as we simultaneously expand and grow our geographic footprint.

Discipline is the soul of an army. It makes small numbers formidable; procures success to the weak, and esteem to all.
George Washington